ChiuVention SmartDry Dry Rate Tester

SmartDry Dry Rate Tester is equipped with high-precision temperature sensors, wind speed sensors, precision water dripping devices, which can quickly simulate the process of human sweating and quickly determine the drying rate of textiles. The specially designed parallel cross-flow fan makes the wind speed more uniform and smooth, which can restore the actual evaporation process and make the test results more reliable. SmartDry is a smart instrument, which can be connected to the SmarTexLab app installed in the smartphone through WIFI so that the parameters can be set remotely and the test process can be monitored, which greatly improves the working efficiency. SmartDry applies to the AATCC 201 standard.

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The Specification of SmartDry Dry Rate Tester

Fan: can produce airflow of 0.5-3.5m/s

Heater plate: 305mm x 305mm±1mm

Soft heating plate: 305mm x 305mm±1mm

Heat-insulating cork board: 305mm x 305mm±1mm

Metal pressure bar: 150mm x 40mmx2mm±1mm

The Heating temperature: 25-40℃±0.5℃(with overheat protection)

Test Accuracy: 0.5-3.5m/s±0.1m/s

Infrared temperature sensor: 15-50℃±0.1°C

Drip accuracy: 0.05-1.0ml ± 0.003ml
1.0-4.5ml ± 0.01ml


Fuse 2pcs

Sampling plate 1 pc 150mm*150mm

Water bottle 1 pc 60mL

Power AC100-245V 50/60Hz 3A

Weight 20kg

Dimension 400*590*180 mm (D*W*H)

Test Standards


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