The integrity of your testing materials is quintessential to the accuracy of your test results. That’s why all of our consumables use tightly controlled, certified materials manufactured to only the highest industry standards.

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TEXTEST Hydrostatic Head Tester FX 3000-IV

  • FX3000-IV-10 Test Head 10cm2
  • FX3000-IV-26 Test Head 26cm2
  • FX3000-IV-28 Test Head 28cm2
  • FX3000-3NE Protective Sleeve 26/28cm2
  • FX3000-3NH Protective Sleeve 100cm2
  • FX3000-3NP Protective Sleeve Holder
  • FX3000-IV-AUT Automatic Drop Detector
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TEXTEST Air Permeability Tester Model FX 3300-IV

  • FX3300-IV-100 Test Head 100cm
  • FX3300-IV-20 Test Head 20cm
  • FX3300-IV-25 Test Head 25cm
  • FX3300-IV-38 Test Head 38cm
  • FX3300-IV-5 Test Head 5cm
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TESTEX Martindale Abrasion & Pilling Tester TF210

  • 2016 (5m) Abrasive Cloth
  • 2014 Pack Abrasive Cloth Per Meter
  • 2027 Wool Abradant (discs 165mm)(100 pack)
  • 54615 Pack (25) Trizact Circle
  • PL31B Pack (50) Klingspor Grit sheets
  • 2017 Pack (24) Non-wovens Felt Pads (90mm diameter)
  • 2018 Pack (24) Non-woven felt pads (140mm Diameter)
  • 2010 Pack (24) Woven Felt Pads (90mm Diameter)
  • 2011 Pack (24) Woven Felt Pads (140mm Diameter)
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TESTEX Circular Sample Cutter TF513A/C/D

  • Box (10) Cutting Boards
  • 40.020.0334 Pack (100) Blades for the 230/50, 230/100, 230/103, and 230/140
  • 50.012-0908 Pack (100) Blades for the 230/38 and 230/10
  • Pack (20) Blades for the 230/100(C)
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TESTEX Random Tumble Pilling Tester TF224

  • 0604001 Pack (50) Cork Liner
  • 604003 Pack (1m) Grey Cotton Sliver
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TEXTEST Portable Air Permeability Tester – FX 3360 Portair

  • FX3360-PS1 External Power Supply
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TESTEX Spray Rating Tester TF160

  • Spare Specimen Holder
  • Spare Spray Nozzle
  • AATCC Spray Test Rating Chart
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TESTEX Perspiration Tester / Perspirometer TF416A

  • 2115 Roll (10m) Multifibre Adjacent Fabric DW
  • 2120 Roll (50m) Multifibre Adjacent Fabric DW
  • 4225 Pack (150) Impregnated Test Papers
  • 4220 Pack (25) Control Fabrics
  • 4222 Box (100 pieces) BHT-free Polythene Film
  • ISO Weight
  • AATCC Weight
  • Pack (21) Acrylic Separator Plates
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TEXTEST Automatic Pick Counter – FX 3250 Pick Counter

  • FX3250-ARH Alignment Aid
  • FX3250-EU Power Adaptor EU
  • FX3250-GB Power Adapter GB
  • FX3250-KAB Data Cable
  • FX3250-US Power Adapter US
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TEXTEST Dynamic Air Permeability Tester Airbag Tester FX 3350

  • FX3350-100 Test Head 100cm
  • FX3350-200 Test Head 200cm
  • FX3350-400 Test Head 400cm
  • FX3350-800 Test Head 800cm
  • FX3350-TRA Power Transformer
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