SmartPull Tensile Tester
SmartPull Tensile Tester
SmartPull Tensile Tester
SmartPull Tensile Tester

ChiuVention SmartPull Tensile Tester

SmartPull tensile tester is mainly used for tension, compression, bending, tearing, shearing, peeling and top-breaking tests of textiles, leather and footwear, etc.

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Applicable up to 26 standards

There are a total of 26 standard and optional standards such as ISO 3377, ISO 13935, ISO 13937, ISO 20932, ISO 4674, ASTM 5034, ASTM D4964-96, GB/T 3917.5-2009, FZ/T 01030-2016, etc.

Easy operation

multi-functional pneumatic gripper, just replace the clips to complete different tests, easy and quick to replace, tensile and top breaking tests do not need to replace the sensor.It makes tear strength test easier.

Unique design

Unique appearance design combined with technology and sense of humanity surface aluminum alloy hard oxidation treatment,generous and durable.


Side cutting design,more user-friendly.


  • Testing capacity: 250 kg
  • Test level: class1
  • Max Travel: 800mm (without fixture)
  • Travel accuracy: ≤ 1%
  • Travel speed: 1mm/min ~ 500mm/min
  • Speed accuracy: ≤1%
  • Test force range: 0.2% ~ 100%FS
  • Force accuracy: ≤1%.

Test Standards

Standard fixture and corresponding standards

Manual stretching fixture should be equipped with: 25x25mm, 25x50mm, 25x75mm clips

  • ISO 9073-3 ISO 13934-1 ISO 13934-2
  • ISO 13935-1 ISO 13935-2 ASTM D5034
  • ASTM D5035

Optional fixture and standards

  • The Pneumatic tension fixture & foot switch are equipped with: 25x25mm,25x50mm,25x75mm clips
  • 25x75mm clamp(Optional 100mm jaws)
  • U-shaped Fixture: ASTM D4964
  • Yarn Fixture: ISO2062
  • Bursting Fixture: ASTM D6797  FZ/T 01030  GB/T 19976
  • Leather Tearing Fixture: ISO 3377-2

Standards of the optional tension fixture

  • ISO 9073-4 (require 25x100mm clips) ISO 3377-1
  • ISO 13936-1 ISO 13936-2
  • ISO 13937-2 ISO 13937-3 ISO 13937-4
  • ISO 20932-1 (need to match the linear fixture,  the type of fixtures may needs to be changed )
  • ISO 4674-1 GB/T 3917.3 GB/T 3917.5  GB/T 3923.1
  • 75mm tension fixture jaw mounting block (optional 100mm jaw ,quantity 0)

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