ChiuVention SmartCut Fabric Sample Cutting System

The SmartCut can complete the sampling of fabrics within 3 minutes.

It can be connected with the customer’s ERP or LIMS system docking through the network port, then automatically gets the test item information from the scanning of the bar code. Then the SmartCut will lay out the sample graphics of the items to be tested following the standard requirements through a unique algorithm.

Next step, the sample graphics will be projected on the fabric and the SmartCut will start cutting fabric samples, automatically marking the samples as the the customer’s settings.

It is suitable for sampling requirements of dozens of tests such as pilling, tearing strength, water repellency, anti-static, tensile strength, color fastness, flammability, etc. It supports various standards such as GB/T, FZ/T, ISO, EN, JIS L, AATCC, ASTM, CAN, AS.

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The Specification of SmartCut Fabric Sample Cutting System

Cutting accuracy                           ±0 .1  mm

Repeatability                                 ±0. 01 mm

Maximum cutting thickness             7mm


Fabric fixing method               vacuum adsorption to ensure flatness

Table top wear resistance it is recommended to replace the table top once a year.

Standard order                         smart sample cutting software, smart cutting machine, computer, projector, brush function

Optional                                    Inkjet marking function of the software, vibrating cutter head can be added.


Power Supply   220V/380V  50Hz- 60Hz 20A-40A

Test Standards

Applicable test items and standards


Test Items Corresponding Standards
Abrasion & Pilling GB/T4802、 ISO12945、 JIS L1076、ASTM D4970
Tearing Strength GB/T3917 、 ISO 13937 、 JIS L1096 、ASTM D751
Water Proof GB/T4745、ISO 4920、AATCC 22、ISO 9865、JIS L1092
Antistatic Test GB/T12703 、 GB/T 22042、EN 1149、ISO 6330
Core Suction Height GB/T21655、JISL1907、ISO6330
Dimensional Stability GB/T 8629、ISO 6330、JIS L0217、AATCC 135、AS2001.5.4
Elastic Elongation FZ/T01062、ASTMD3107、JIS L1096、EN 14704
Tensile Strength GB/T3923、 ISO 13934 、 ASTM D5034、EN 29073-3
Fabric Weight GB/T4669、ASTM D3776、ISO 3801、JIS K6772、EN 12127
Abrasion Resistance GB/T21196.2、ISO 12947、ASTM D3884、AS 2001.2.28
Peel Strength FZ/T80007.1、ISO 8096、JIS L1089、ASTM D2724
Burst Strength GB/T7742.1、ISO13938-1、ASTM D3786
Seam slippage GB/T13772.1 、 FZ/T20019、ISO13936 、 JIS L1096
anti-hooking GB/T11047、BS8479、ASTMD3939
Downproof GB/T12705 、 GB/T 14272、EN 12132、ISO 6330
Colorfastness to rubbing GB/T3920、AATCC 8、ISO 105 X12、ASTM D2054、JIS L0849
Colorfastness to sunlight GB/T8427、AATCC-16(3)、ISO 105-B02、ASTM D6544
other color fastness items GB/T、FZ/T、ISO、EN、JISL、AATCC、ASTM、CAN、AS
Flammability GB/T5455、FZ/T01028、ISO 3795、GB 8410、ASTM D5132

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