ChiuVention QuicExtra Fiber Oil Extractor

The QuicExtra Fiber Oil Extractor utilizes solvent penetration and evaporation to effectively extract oils from wool and synthetic fibers. It features four workstations, automatic weight pressurization, and microcomputer temperature control for efficient and accurate testing. The device can connect to SmartTexLab for data management and cloud integration, enhancing lab productivity and quality control.

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The QuicExtra Fiber Oil Extractor is an advanced device designed for the efficient extraction of oils from fabric fibers using solvents such as petroleum ether, ethyl ether, or other organic solvents. The extraction process involves cutting the fabric into small pieces, placing the sample into a metal tube, and adding the appropriate solvent to ensure full contact. The solvent dissolves the oils and fats, which are then separated from the sample by applying weights to speed up the process. The solvent and oil drip onto a heating plate where the solvent evaporates, leaving behind the oil, which is then weighed to determine the oil content relative to the initial sample mass.

The device is equipped with four independent workstations, each with its own operation buttons, allowing for simultaneous and efficient extraction in less than 10 minutes. The use of automatic weight pressurization eliminates the need for manual pressure application. Microcomputer temperature control ensures uniform heating, resulting in thorough oil extraction and accurate test results. The temperature range of the heating board is 90°C-120°C, with a precision of ±1°C.

The QuicExtra Fiber Oil Extractor offers intelligent operation with a built-in 4-station timer and an independent oil calculator. It supports data transfer to cloud-based systems through Wi-Fi connectivity to the SmartTexLab App by ChiuVention Team. This integration allows users to set parameters, track tests via smartphone, and upload results to ERP or LIMS systems, facilitating paperless and efficient textile lab quality management.

The extractor is compliant with the GB/T 6504-2017 standard and supports various extraction solvents, including petroleum ether, ethyl ether, and dichloromethane. This makes the QuicExtra Fiber Oil Extractor a versatile and essential tool for modern textile laboratories aiming to enhance productivity and accuracy in oil extraction and testing.

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