ChiuVention ProPress Sample Press

The Pro Press cuts the samples into small pieces (e.g. 5×5 mm) within several seconds and it can control the pressure precisely and apply it to a precision die to cut the sample.

By cutting precise samples, Pro Press is conducive to more reliable test results for formaldehyde, pH, and other tests.

Using Pro Press increases the work efficiency of cutting samples by more than 80%, 6 times manual shearing.

Pro Press can cut fabrics, leather, plastics, and other flexible sheet material to prepare test samples for formaldehyde, pH, azo, and heavy metals tests.

Lay the sample flat on the plate, and press the buttons with both hands, then the plate will enter and the machine automatically presses and cuts the samples. When the cutting is finished, the machine automatically activates a strong air cleaning system to blow away any fibers and debris left behind, ensuring that the samples are not mixed.

The operator can observe whether there is any sample residue through the high-definition camera equipped with Pro Press from the operation screen, and can manually start the cleaning program again.

In addition, Pro Press ensures your safety: start up with two hands, and the work area is equipped with a light barrier to prevent accidental injury.

Applicable for various cutting sizes such as 5x5mm, 10x10mm, or the dimensions can be customized.

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The Specification of ProPress Sample Propress

Cutting Method    Press

Cuttable Sample Size    5*5 mm or 10*10 mm, or customized size

Applicable Tests and Standards

pH test                               ISO 3071     GB/T 7573

Formaldehyde test            ISO 14184 . 1      GB/T 2912 . 1

Heavy metal test               GB/T 17293 . 1/2/3

Power      220/110V  50/60Hz

Weight              100kg

Dimension     600*450*530 mm(D*W*H)

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