ChiuVention AirBurst Bursting Strength Tester

The AirBurst Bursting Strength Tester is a pneumatic device designed for precise and reliable testing of the bursting strength of textiles, films, paper, and foam. It features a high-precision laser sensor for accurate measurements and connects to the SmarTexLab App for smart testing and data management.

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The AirBurst Bursting Strength Tester is a cutting-edge pneumatic testing device that evaluates the bursting strength of a variety of materials, including textiles, films, paper, and foam. Unlike traditional hydraulic testers, the AirBurst uses air pressure, making it more eco-friendly and simpler to maintain.

The principle of operation involves clamping the sample onto a diaphragm and applying air pressure beneath it. A high-precision sensor monitors the pressure in real-time, displaying the data on a control panel. The sample ruptures under increasing pressure, and the instrument records the maximum atmospheric pressure at the moment of rupture, which represents the sample’s bursting strength.

The AirBurst offers four distinct test modes: constant speed, constant pressure, constant dilatancy, and timed expansion. These modes provide comprehensive insights into the material’s resistance to expansion. The tester’s precision is ensured by a laser sensor with an accuracy of up to 0.2 degrees, translating to a measurement error of just 0.2% of the maximum range.

Equipped with a Panasonic laser displacement sensor, the AirBurst guarantees longer sensor life and ease of maintenance. It is also integrated with the SmarTexLab App via Wi-Fi, allowing users to set parameters, monitor tests remotely, and manage results efficiently. The system can upload test results to ERP or LIMS for seamless quality management in textile laboratories.

An Intelligent Recognition System for Test Cups further enhances efficiency by automatically adjusting test parameters based on the cup model. The AirBurst’s simple structure and use of air as the pressure medium make it an eco-friendly and low-maintenance solution.

With a wide range of applications, the AirBurst is suitable for testing various fabrics, non-woven materials, and packaging materials. It complies with several international standards, ensuring reliable performance and accuracy in diverse testing environments.

Test Standards

  • ISO 13938-2
  • FZ/T 01030 Method B
  • AS2001.2.4 Method B
  • GB/T 7742

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