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TESTEX Textile Tensile Testing Machine TF002

Our Textile Tensile Testing Machine is designed to measure the physical and mechanical performance of a variety of materials, including tension, tearing, compression, bursting, rapture, flexibility, shear, peel, and seam slippage. With a wide range of specimen grips and software available, this machine is particularly well-suited for testing yarns, fabrics, and leather. In addition, it can also be used to test the strength of rubber, plastic, metal, wire, paper, packaging, and other materials.

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Introducing the TF002 dual-column tensile testing machine, designed with precision and efficiency in mind. This machine features a cutting-edge AC servo driving system and two high-quality ball screws with load cells for smooth and precise control. With PC operation, the machine communicates seamlessly with a standard PC running a data analysis software package via high-speed RS232 in both ASCII and super high-speed binary modes. This means you can rely on the TF002 for accurate and reliable data analysis every time.

Note: A customized PC is needed for this instrument.


  • Test method CRE principle
  • Control system closed control system, quality motor and ball-screws
  • Test capacity 10 kN
  • Tensile speed 001-1000mm / min digital speed, error ≤ ± 2%
  • Elongation Resolution 001mm
  • Measuring system high-precision force sensor
  • Sampling frequency of system 2000 times / sec.
  • Force measurement range 1% of full scale to 100%
  • Minimum scale value 1N
  • Force measurement accuracy ≤ ± 2% F · S
  • Gauge distance limit control, digital setting
  • Gauge distance accuracy ± 0.1mm
  • Working space H 800mm x W 420mm
  • Sample holder pneumatic clamping
  • Holder control button switch and foot switch
  • Built-in intelligent active force and displacement alarm system.
  • High-resolution digital closed-loop controller
  • Operating temperature range 0 to 38 degrees C
  • Storage temperature range -10 to 45 degrees C
  • Humidity range 10% to 90% non-condensing, web bulb method. Power must be free of spikes and surges exceeding 10% of the nominal voltage

Test Standards

  • ISO 13934.1
  • ISO 13934.2
  • ISO 13935.1
  • ISO 13935.2
  • ISO 9073.3
  • ISO 9073.4
  • ISO 4606
  • ASTM D76
  • ASTM D5034
  • ASTM 5035
  • ASTM D2261
  • ASTM D434
  • ASTM D4964
  • ASTM 5587
  • ASTM D3936
  • GB/T 3923.1
  • GB/T 13772.1
  • GB/T 13772.2
  • GB/T 13772.3
  • GB/T 3923.2
  • GB 8687
  • FZ/T 20019
  • FZ/T 70006
  • FZ/T 70007
  • FZ/T 01085
  • FZ/T 01030
  • JIS L1093
  • BS
  • DIN

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