TESTEX Walk-In Temperature & Climatic Test Chamber TU345

Walk-in Temperature & Climatic Test Chamber, is widely used in many industries, such as aerospace industry, automation components, automotive parts, electrical and electronic parts, furniture, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical industries and related products.

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Walk-in Conditioning Chamber is suitable for large part and machineries undergone low to high, high to low temperature changing test while related humidity is changing, which can change the room size according to user’s need. It applies to Patchwork type chamber, with the feature of nice looking outlook, scientific design for pipe and duct, all in one touch screen control panel and programmable logic controller can satisfy most needs of all kinds of clients.

Walk-in constant temperature and humidity testing chamber consists of Control Panel, electrical panels, moisturizing plate blower, heater, humidifier, freezer, etc. It provides a large space to test the temperature and humidity for large-scale parts, semi-finished products, etc, it applied to test products that large-scale or the quantity more, such as: computer terminals, vehicle parts.


  • Temp. range – 40 ¡æ~ 80¡æ, adjustable
  • Heating up speed Room temp. ~ 80¡æ, ≥1.5¡æ/min (within 40min)
  • Cooling down speed Room temp. ~ – 40¡æ, ≥1.0¡æ/min (within 70min)
  • Temp. resolution 0.01¡æ
  • Temp. fluctuations ≤ 0.5¡æ
  • Temp. deviation +/- 2¡æ
  • Temp. uniformity ≤ 0.5¡æ
  • Humidity range 10% ~ 98% R.H.
  • Temp. resolution 0.1%
  • Humidity fluctuations +/- 1.5%
  • Humidity deviation + 2%, – 3%
  • Humidity uniformity +/- 3%


  • Interior Dimension 15 m3 W 3.8 m x H 1.9 m x D 2.1 m
  • Outer Dimension W 5.2 m x H 2.2 m x D 2.4 m
  • Power AC380V, 50Hz, 120A, 60KW

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