TESTEX Twist Tester TY370

The Twist Tester serves the purpose of determining the twist coefficient, a crucial metric that gauges the yarn’s twist level. This assessment is applicable for both single and plied yarns. Notably, the device is equipped with automatic stop and reverse functionalities, catering to both traditional and untwist/re-twist methodologies. This innovation simplifies yarn twist assessment within textile testing laboratories and manufacturing units.

The Twist Tester presents the added advantage of accommodating customizable test lengths of up to 500mm or 20 inches, tailored for S & Z twist yarns. Complementing this feature, the inching function facilitates swift and accurate twist evaluation. Furthermore, the touch screen interface directly displays the test outcome in TPI (Twists Per Inch) or TPM (Twists Per Meter). This amalgamation of features makes twist assessment an effortless endeavor for textile industry professionals, enhancing the efficiency of their operations.

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Touch screen
4 test methods Direct counting, untwist/re-twist, 3- times untwist/re-twist method, etc.
Length of the specimen 0~500mm adjustable
Twist speed 100 ~ 1900 rpm
Yarn count range 1 ~ 499.9 tex
Unit TPM / TPI
Twist range10~4999

Test Standards

ISO 2061 ASTM D1422 ASTM D1423

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