Hanatek Novo-Haze TX Transmission Hazemeter

Takes fast and accurate measurements of the optical quality of plastic films and other transparent materials.

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This instrument measures total transmission and haze according to ASTM D1003 (CIE C).

The instrument features an intuitive user friendly interface which cuts test time and makes it an ideal choice for both QC and R&D.

Uncompromising design and high quality materials from a European manufacture make the Novo-Haze TX the ideal choice for any laboratory or QA environment.


  • The Novo-Haze TX has an intuitive touch sensitive interface making it incredibly easy to use. There are no complicated menu structures – all measurement functions are accessible from one screen.
  • Single touch button or the footswitch can be used to initiate single measurements or automatic measurement mode.
  • At the end of the test the percentage of Haze and Transmittance are shown on screen.
  • If multiple tests are performed, statistics for the batch will be displayed and can be printed to the results printer to keep with retained samples.

Test Standards

  • ASTM D1003: Standard Test Method for Haze and Luminous Transmittance of Transparent Plastics

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