Rhopoint Instruments IQ Glossmeter

The Rhopoint IQ Gloss Haze & DOI Meter measures surface quality problems that are unseen by an average glossmeter and outlines how light is reflected from a surface.

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The Rhopoint IQ Goniophotometer instrument measures the following parameters in a click of a button.

Gloss: This is a measurement proportional to the amount of light reflected from a surface at 20° for high gloss finishes, 60° if a surface has a mid-gloss finish and 85° for matt finishes.

Haze: Reflection haze is a scattered light that is caused by micro texture. It is measured adjacent to the main gloss component. The symptoms include a milky finish which can be seen on high gloss finishes and halos may be visible around reflections of bright light sources. On the other hand the causes may be dispersion problems, raw material incompatibilities, incorrect curing, cleanliness, ageing, oxidisation, scratching or polishing.

RIQ: RIQ can be used to measure the effects for example orange peel and surface waviness. Providing higher resolution results compared to distinctiveness of image measurement and better mimics of human perception or surface texture, especially on high quality finishes including automotive is this new parameter. Some of the symptoms of poor RIQ may include orange peel, brush marks, waviness or any other structures visible on the surface of the item. The causes of these could be application problems, incorrect coating flow, incorrect cure times, coating viscosity being too high or low, sag of coating before curing , the incorrect particle size, overspray and cure temperature.

DOI: DOI is the distinctiveness of image and is a measurement of how visible a reflected image will look in a reflective surface.

RSPEC: This is the peak gloss value over an extremely narrow angle.


  • The brightness is adjustable and has a full color screen that is easy to read
  • Touch sensitive 6 button interface
  • Error free, fully automatic calibration that has verification and tile detection
  • Instrument that is pocket sized and comes with a combined tile holder
  • Easy identification as the whether the item has passed or failed
  • Full on board statics including min, max and mean etc.
  • Trend analysis graph(s)
  • Results which batch with user names
  • Input data direct through Bluetooth – This allows each and every reading to be immediately transmitted to any computer package such as excel or word
  • Software free data transfer – USB download of results to computer ( no software installation needed)

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