TESTEX Glow Wire Tester TF346

Glow Wire Tester, to determine the fire hazard of electrical parts and components subjected to malfunctions such as overload, short circuit, poor connection, or others that may ignite and spread the flame to the rest of the product.

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The Glow-Wire Tester from TESTEX, adopts the Indirect Method(Known as the IEC Method, compared to DirectMethod, defined in UL94Method), to stimulate an overloaded resistor or other ignition source and applies heat to the specimen for a short period of time, and simulates as closely as possible actual effects occurring in practice.

A temperature controller is fitted with the thermocouple supplied, accurately measuring the glow wire temperature. The electrical circuit of the control unit is fully protected by fuses and a miniature circuit breaker. TESTEX Glow-Wire Test equipment is a fully automatic instrument contained in its own cabinet to maximize the safety of the operator, and large viewing window and black colored walls ensure convenient observation.


  • Glow Wire Ø 4mm ± 0.04mm Ni/Cr (80/20), standard
  • Temperature Range 500 ~ 1 000 °C± 2 °C adjustable
  • Sample pressure 1N ± 0.2 N
  • Test speed 18 ± 3 mm/s
  • Test mode automatic control, independent convulsions
  • Chamber ≥0.5m
  • Control single chip microcomputer + touch screen control

Test Standards

  • IEC 60695-2-10
  • ASTM D6194
  • UL 746A
  • GB/T 5169.10~13

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