Crockmeter TF410/TF411
Crockmeter TF410/TF411
Crockmeter TF410/TF411
Crockmeter TF410/TF411
Crockmeter TF410/TF411 Product Video

TESTEX Crockmeter TF410/TF411

Crockmeter – Manual AATCC Crockmeter TF410 or Electronic Crockmeter TF411, is designed to test the color fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing, also named a rubbing fastness tester. 

The manual or electronic Crockmeter complies with ISO 105×12/D02, AATCC 8/165 testing standards, etc. In the crocking test, a reliable Crockmeter plays a vital role in the repeatable and reproducible results. TESTEX will be your good choice as it has been on the way to improving the Crockmeter with excellent performance and stable operation since its foundation over ten years ago.

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Test Principle of Crockmeter TF410/TF411

The rubbing head (usually weighs 9N) runs with a standard speed in the friction cloth specimen, to do the standard length of reciprocal linear motion, after reaching the set number of times, the Crockmeter automatically stops running. Then use the gray sample card to assess the staining of the friction cloth, so as to assess the rubbing color fastness of the sample.

Application of Crockmeter TF410/TF411

The Crockmeter also named rubbing fastness tester, is mainly used in cotton, wool, hemp, silk, knitting, printing, and dyeing industries, the determination of various types of fabric color resistance to dry, wet friction color fastness.

Moreover, the Crockmeter rubbing fastness tester can apply to textiles made from all fibers in the form of yarn or fabric whether they are in the process of dyeing, printing, or coloring. However, it is unwise to use the Crockmeter for carpets or for prints. Because their singling out of areas may be too small to apply this method. Most importantly, we need to carry out the Crockmeter test before or after some treatments, such as washing, dry cleaning, washing, dry cleaning, shrinkage, ironing, finishing, and other processes about textiles. Otherwise, they may affect the degree of color transfer from a material, making it poor.

Besides, the Crockmeter is equipped with an electronic counter with a handle set on the top to take it easy. And it has a piece of sandpaper set under the test sample. Therefore, it is possible to fix the sample during the test, making the rubbing Color Fastness test repeatable. With the aid of a stable slide, the instrument can offer you even and precise testing results.

Test Standards

  • ISO 105×12
  • GB/T 3920
  • AATCC 8
  • ISO 20433 Method C

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