Lawson-Hemphill Textured Yarn Tester – Electronic Drive

Texturing is an important step that adds natural fiber feel to synthetic yarns by introducing bulk and crimp. Traditionally, these properties were measured using the Skein Method, which by design can only measure skeins of yarn at a time.

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  • Precision textured yarn tester for simultaneous analysis of Total Recovery (total contraction), Fiber Shrinkage, fiber Crimp, Entanglement and Friction Coefficient.
  • Conforms to ASTM D 6774, Standard test method for Crimp and Shrinkage properties for Textured Yarns using a Dynamic Textured Yarn Tester
  • Complies to Chinese Standard GB/T6508-2001
  • Can be equipped with a package changer to become a fully automated textured yarn tester with 1000+ packages/8 hour test capability
  • Dynamic test platform to measure every section of the yarn, allowing the capability to detect short term yarn variations
  • Ability to test apparel and carpet yarns, including nylon, polyester and polypropylene
  • Ability to test set (low bulk) and stretch (high bulk) yarns up to 75% Total Recovery.
  • Maintains tension on the yarn as low as 1mg/denier to measure the slightest change in fiber crimp and shrinkage
  • Variable test speed from 20m/min to 200m/min
  • Two types of non-contact heaters available: Standard Heater (100 to 205°C) or High temperature heater (180 to 250°C)
  • User friendly software program features complete statistical report with accept/reject limits
  • Built-in export function to connect to the factory network to control production parameters remotely.

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